Member Protection

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

The MPIO is the first point of contact for any member or child protection enquiries or complaints. As such, they can provide information and options including policies and complaint resolution options.

The contact details for the NER MPIO can be found via the link to the right of this page, and are only accessible by the MPIO.

Any enquiry or complaint received will be treated confidentially.

The MPIO is not expected to mediate or investigate complaints. These will be managed by a suitable club representative, or where there is a conflict of interest, an independent person with complaint handling experience may be appointed.

Serious matters will be referred to the relevant Association, State Sporting Body, or Law Enforcement Authority.

You can contact the MPIO with total confidence that your complaint will be taken seriously, and be dealt with discreetly.

MPIO Contact Details

Click on the button below to get the contact details for the NER MPIO.

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