Uniforms ($80 new, $30 second hand – limited stock) can be purchased during grading sessions Friday 3rd February (4:30-7:00pm) and Saturday 4th Febuary (4:00-6:30pm) upstairs in the North Epping Rangers clubrooms next to Boundary Road courts. Please note that we do not have the facility for credit card payment at the clubhouse.  Direct deposit (with proof of payment), cash or cheque will be accepted. Direct deposit details available from our Gear Stewart contact details below or meet her at the clubhouse on the above dates.


  • Netball dress (new) $80
  • Netball dress (second-hand, limited sizes) $30
  • Netball black fleecy hoodie $50
  • Dress & Hoodie $125

Netball dresses can be traded in for a credit of $30 towards a new uniform (or directly exchanged for another second-hand one). Bring it along–clean and ready for re-sale.

GEAR STEWARD Jane Partridge ner.netball.uniforms@gmail.com