North Epping Rangers currently has 9 Women teams ranging from under 11s, All Age and to Over 35s.  Women teams play on Sundays and we are always looking to increase the numbers of players.  In 2018 we had teams playing  Under 11s, Under 14s , under 16s , AA and Over 35s.

Rangers also encourages any of our female members to take over from this historically and predominantly male bastion and become part  of the development of our women players. The club will fully support any club member that wishes to try their hand at coaching. If you are interested, please let us know at registration day, or contact one of the Committee Members or just drop an email to ner@ner.org.au.

Each year (around October/November) Rangers brings together a select team to play against the Australian Army National Women’s team. This is a great opportunity for our girls to play at a higher level, as well as to play on a good surface under lights.

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