This small sided game philosophy was introduced as a strategy to allow small children more exposure to game play – and the kids definitely love it.

Initially it was Under 6 – Under 9 that played non-competitive mini soccer which is designed to focus on participation, skills development, teamwork, friendship and enjoyment of the game rather than winning. The emphasis is on having fun with the primary benefit being increased player enjoyment and skill levels, based on the ability to be more involved in the game and have more “touches” of the ball. Due to the success of the MiniRoos program it now includes Under 10 and Under 11.

Games are played in a non-competitive environment, meaning the results (and scores) are not published. There is no winning or losing team at the end of the season.

Summary of MiniRoos playing format

  • Under 6- Under 7 play 4 vs 4 on a 30m x 20m playing fields (6 players per team)
  • Under 8 – Under 9 play 7 vs 7 on a 50m x 35m field with a goalkeeper (9 players per team)
  • Under 10 – Under 11 play 9 vs 9 on a 70m x 50m field with goalkeeper (11 players per team)

Read more about the MiniRoos rules and format here.

The Active Kids Program voucher is still available!

Students aged from 4.5 to 18 can receive a discount voucher that can be used to offset the cost of any sport or physical activity registration fee.
Go to the NER Active Kids Program Page for more information BEFORE you register your child.
Active Kids Program

MiniRoos Soccer Training

North Epping Rangers has a very successful MiniRoos Co-Operative Training Program. A full year co-operative training program is provided for the Under 6 and Under 7 age groups, and a “Coach the Coach” Program for the Under 8 and Under 9 age groups for the first half of the year. The program is run professionally by KickStart and we are one of only a few clubs who offer this program. There is further information on the Co-Operative Training Program below.

Thursday afternoons
Ron Payne Oval, Woods St, North Epping
Under 6, 4:30pm – 5.30pm
Under 7, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Under 8, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Under 9, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Please make a note in your diary, so you can move around your child’s swimming or music lessons to cater for this. Remember soccer is a team sport and children feel more inclusive in their team if they train and play together.

We need your help

We cannot register a team without a Coach and Manager, therefore we request that you give consideration to volunteering for one of these roles. Neither of these jobs is difficult so please consider volunteering. Using the KickStart Co-Operative Training Program takes a great deal of the onus off the individual team’s coach, whilst teaching them appropriate coaching techniques to build their confidence. Prior to and during the season, coaches will have access to various teaching and support resources from both inside and outside the club.

More Information

For further information please contact your Age Co-Ordinator, the MiniRoos Co-Ordinator, or the NER Soccer Convenor