Grading 2018

Grading of players is an important part to ensuring all children enjoy their football during the season. It is of great benefit to their overall development in both a social sense as well as soccer skills to be playing with/against players of similar ability.  NER grade all Kids from Under 10.

We have  set down the following dates and times for grading. Additional dates and times may be required.

Sunday Feb 11

Under 9 – 3 to 4 pm

Under 10 – 4 to 5 pm

Monday Feb 12

Under 11 – 5 to 6 pm

Tuesday Feb 13

Under 12 – 5 to 6 pm

Under 16 – 6 to 7 pm

Wednesday Feb 14

Under 13 – 5 to 6 pm

Under 15 – 6 to 7 pm

Please arrive 15 mins before the time allotted for your age group

Grading days  are compulsory if you expect your child to be graded correctly. Failure to turn up to grading without prior notification  will make it difficult for your child to be graded correctly.

  •  If the grading staff are not in agreement regarding their assessment of any of the children then it may be necessary to have an additional grading day, you will be notified if this is the case.
  • If any player cannot make a grading session they should email Meng Lee at
  • All participants are to arrive 15mins prior to their scheduled time to register
  • All participants must bring trainers (no boots allowed on NEO) , shin pads and a drink. Any children not wearing shin pads will not be allowed to participate.
  • Each age-group will have multiple graders who have been sourced from age-groups other than that of their own child and are experienced coaches.
  • The graders will not be coaching any children during the session and will be concentrating on assessing the children correctly.
  • Coaches comments from last year will be taken into consideration.
  • Sessions will involve a warm up, skills and drills and small sided-games to ensure all participants get an opportunity to be involved.
  • Coaches are not to be approached and any queries should go through the soccer convenor.
  • For Players wanting to play up a grade:  we ask that you grade in your age group plus the age group you intend to play.

Click here for our Grading Policy.

  • All players must grade in their appropriate age groups. For example, players born in 2002 would grade in the under 16 age group and players born in 2003 would grade in the u15 age group. Players may request to grade in a higher age group. It will be at discretion of the grading committee as to whether players will be permitted to grade or play in a higher age group.

If you have registered online you should have received an email confirming these times.   Other age groups will not require grading at this stage.

Training will commence early to mid March and the first round of the season will commence on the 7st of April.

Grading Days


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Additional grading days may be required.