2019 Season

North Epping Rangers Sports Club currently boasts 50 football teams including

  • Minis (4 – 9 yrs)
  • Junior (10 – 11 yrs)
  • Youth (12– 17 yrs)
  • Mens (U18, Premier League, All Age, Over 35s and Over 45’s)
  • Womens (U14, U16, All Age and Over 30s)

Football Convenor

Each year the club appoints a Soccer Convenor. This position is responsible for the management of Soccer within the club. With the assistance of each of the section coordinators (Mini, Junior, Youth, Senior and Women sections) the Soccer Convenor is the person who gets all players on the park to play the game we love.

If you are wanting some information about teams within the club, contact the Soccer Convenor.


North Epping Rangers registration fees are one of the cheapest in the GHFA. With these fees the club pays for:

  • Compulsory insurances
  • Compulsory FIFA, Football Australia, Football NSW and GHFA management fees
  • Training equipment (balls, bibs, cones, nets, goals , flags, etc)
  • Playing equipment (54 sets of playing shirts)

There are two main methods for registering to play with Rangers:

  • To register online now click here
  • Face-to-face: North Epping Rangers usually conducts face-to-face registration over a single weekend period.
  • Sunday 3rd Feb  2019  10am – 2pm at North Epping Bowling Club, Boundary Rd, North Epping.


Register Online HERE