Philosophy & Vision


Football and netball are games that are designed to be a competition between two equal teams and only one ball, where the primary objective is to score more goals than the other team. However; the underlying purpose of football and netball is enjoyment – without enjoyment, there is no purpose.
People enjoy football and netball for many reasons, but fundamentally it is the experiences and challenges that will define their level of enjoyment. Although we may strive for a positive end result (i.e. to win) it is not the end result that defines your enjoyment.


Regardless of age, gender or ability, Rangers will always strive to provide a rewarding football or netball experience and environment that is enjoyed by the whole North Epping Community and beyond.
We believe a rewarding football or netball experience begins with providing a well organised service, with the appropriate resources in order to develop our members (players, coaches) to become the best they can be at the game they love.

Coaching Philosophy

The coach is the link to the past, present and future and without the coach; the team cannot see where it has been, where it is now, and where it is going. If the coach is lost, the team is lost.
The job of the coach is to provide inspiration, encouragement, guidance, knowledge and enjoyment.
This is done by creating a safe, interesting, challenging, environment, where playing football or netball teaches football and netball and winning is a mere consequence, not the sole objective.
A strong “team” approach is essential to maintaining a positive team culture and cohesion.

  • Players will not be registered in 2015 with GHFA, NWSWF or ERNA until payment has been received by NER.
  • For netball, only fully registered players will be considered for placement in a team.
  • No player may participate in any competition until registration is complete.
  • All players agree to abide by the rules of the respective Associations and players are asked to refer to the NER Secretary with any questions.
  • Late registration is not guaranteed after the published registrations close date and will only be considered at the discretion of the Club Secretary.  Late registrations accepted may be subject to an increased fee schedule.
  • GHFA and NWSWF require Managers and Coaches to hold identification cards, issued by the Club.
  • All Managers and Coaches must attend briefing sessions and complete online registration details on the NER website.  Registration is free.
  • All Coaches and Managers must complete and submit a Child Protection Form to the Club Secretary.
  • All new players to the club must show valid proof of age at time of registration.
  • I authorise NER to use or display my photo (or my children’s photo) in publications relating to the Club’s 50th Celebration events (such as but not limited to, this website or the Club’s yearbook).  If I do not want my/their photo included I will advise by email to