2015 AGM


Our 2015 AGM was held on Tue 8th Dec 2015.
Congratulations to the elected committee.

President – Michael Stern
Vice President – Karen Michie
Treasurer – Linda Talty
Secretary – Neal Swancott

GHFA Soccer Convenor – Craig Denyer
Womens Soccer Convenor – Emily McCartney
Netball Convenor – Kristen DeGioia

Contact details can be found below.

Please find here a copy of our annual report for 2015.



Online football registration opens Monday 4 January 2016.
Returning players please register online.
Click here to register

Any questions please contact our Registrar

Helen Armson 0431 108 059 or armsonfamily@gmail.com



This year NER are trying to build an under 9s girls team.

For more information or if you are considering this please contact emily at emacca91@gmail.com



Football and netball are games that are designed to be a competition between two equal teams and only one ball, where the primary objective is to score more goals than the other team. However; the underlying purpose of football and netball is enjoyment – without enjoyment, there is no purpose.

People enjoy football and netball for many reasons, but fundamentally it is the experiences and challenges that will define their level of enjoyment. Although we may strive for a positive end result (i.e. to win) it is not the end result that defines your enjoyment.


Click here to view NER Vision and Philosophy statements


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